Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Airpush Mobile ads

Android Developers: Earn $10 CPMs with 90%+ Fill Rates

The Airpush SDK is the most powerful app monetization solution in the world, providing developers with stunning performance and weekly payouts. Android developers earn over 10x more with our ad formats compared to standard in-app banner ads, and in many cases over 30x more. Learn more about our Ad Formats and Weekly Payments to see the tremendous differences between Airpush and other networks.

Push Ads

Ads Displayed in the Notification Tray

  • Earn $5+ CPM's and 90%+ Fill Rates
  • Monetize Total Installs, Not Just Active Users
  • Includes new rich push format
A Push Ad is an ad sent to the notification tray of Android devices, rather than inside of an app. Publishers can control how often ads are sent and to which users. 


The Intelligent Interstitial Ad

  • Earn $10+ CPM and 90%+ Fill Rates
  • Optimally serves multiple full-page ad formats based on yield, maximizing publisher revenue.
Mobile's highest performing full-page ad unit, SmartWall dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats including AppWall, OfferWall, Dialog Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media, and More. Publishers decide when this ad unit is triggered, such as upon app launch, app exit, and in natural breaks of the app session (i.e. in between game levels). 

Icon Ads

Ads Displayed as Icons in the Home Screen

  • Earn $7+ CPM's and 90%+ Fill Rates
  • Monetize Total Installs, Not Just Active Users
  • Users Can Delete Ads With 1 Click
This innovate format places a shortcut on the home screen of Android devices which links users to valuable content such as free apps and deals.

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